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Waves Podcast: Motivation for Creatives & Entrepreneurs

Dec 17, 2018

Last episode of Waves Podcast before Christmas, last episode of the year... I had to pick a guest that embodies this period of happiness and positivity! That's why this episode is a conversation with Urbanfux, streamer on YouTube, awesome human being and very good friend of mine. To be honest, I don't know anybody that is as positive as her, and a chat with such an incredible person is always very fun and refreshing.
We obviously started by talking about the difference between her online ID Urbanfux and her real name: Jenny. Although these two personas live in the same mind, they are different: Urbanfux is a very outgoing person while Jenny is a lot more shy, for example. Which is why she talked about the way she deals with this aspect of her personality and why it isn't really "bad" in essence. Being a very messy person, and knowing that Jenny is quite the opposite, I also asked her how she manages her time, before "waffling on" and sharing online and real life experiences with others.
Positivity attracts positive people. That is one of the ideas I want to remember from this episode, along Jenny's words: "I have to do it because I want to do it". This quote sort of contradicts what people usually think: "I want to do it because I have to do it", it reminds us that our decisions must be fueled by our dreams, needs and desires... Not the opposite. This is an inspiring and motivating episode in which we dealt with topics like well-being, personal development, The Internet, shyness, streaming... And many others! Hope you will find this podcast interesting!