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Waves Podcast: Motivation for Creatives & Entrepreneurs

Jan 7, 2019

The beginning of the year is the time people start taking resolutions to improve their lives... But is it really the best moment for you to try and get your life together? In this episode of Waves Podcast, I shared my view on this topic and the reason why I don't really care for such resolutions. To me, it is a lot easier to undertake such changes during Spring or Summer, as it highly increases my chances to make these resolutions last longer. Otherwise, they'll turn into "re-solutions" that I will take again in 2020... And in 2021. But obviously, it depends on your personal taste. If you love winter, go for it! Take as many resolutions as you can, but for me, I know I should wait a little and avoid social media in the meantime... Because these tend to pressure you and make you feel bad if you don't buy in this resolution thing. #newyearnewme , right?