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Waves Podcast: Motivation for Creatives & Entrepreneurs

Feb 11, 2019

This week's episode of Waves Podcast is a bonus one! No guests, just me talking about something I find interesting, important... And as we get closer to Valentine's Day, I thought we should talk about something related to it. So this one's about love, self-love and single life, and although the title may seem negative at first, it really isn't. It's a funny reference to a book by someone I respect but... I said that on podcast already. I basically tried to explain the sentence "blabla are trash", said by women, then men and showed that everybody's just as "trash"... Plus what is "trash" even? Who decides what's trash behaviour? Isn't the problem a simple lack of communication? Spoiler alert: It might. And it could very well be solved by feminism, a better freedom of expression, and introspection that enables us to really think about what kind of relationship we want. Yes, I talked about all that in barely 30 minutes and ended up on the subject of confidence, what it is, how attractive it is to most people, and how it could help you find the one... Maybe? Who knows!