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Waves Podcast: Motivation for Creatives & Entrepreneurs

Feb 18, 2019

I recently realized while talking to a friend that we don't all find our passion as easily. We don't discover that thing that makes us go "oh, I want to do that as often as possible" and consider trying to make it a job... So me and that friend had a chat about it and I summed it up as clearly as I could. I shared my experience and how I personally found my creative "voice", how it happened to me and how natural it was in order to maybe give you an idea how it could happen to you... And then I focused on what my friend told me, as she is still trying to figure out what is her passion, what is that thing she wants to do. Lucky for us, she reads a lot of books about that which probably helped her articulate her thoughts and in turn enabled me not to be too confusing. The gist? It's okay. Try things. Focus on your interests and see if they turn into a passion.